Name That Store

Thank you for helping to rename the area’s #1 Store for Bridal, Prom & Tuxedos

We are thankful to live in such a creative and special area. With nearly 1500 names submitted, brainstormed, and suggested, the community support has been truly wonderful.

With so many excellent names to sort through, the judges had a very tough job. If your submission was not selected, this in no way suggests it was anything but a good name. Many names were in use or social media handles may have been unavailable, meaning someone else liked it already! Given the recent lawsuit we are better educated on things most small businesses no little about.

Thank you for coming together as a community to show how working together is always better. In doing so, you have helped to raise money for important local charities too.

Our New Name Is!

The word “Best” was included in several submissions along with a number of reasons. Many Customers felt we are the “Best” based on their personal experience shopping with us. Others pointed out that we are just down the road from the area historically known as “Best”. Whatever the reason, we like knowing our Customers are all the “Best” Customers!

Two Wedding Gown Winners Selected!

Two lucky winners have been randomly selected in accordance with the contest rules. Once notified and the prizes have been chosen, we’ll let you know who these winners are too.

Raising Money For Charities!

Every one of the charities participating in the contest were included in the final awards. Each charity received at least $750.00 with Brother Wolf receiving $1,000.00 and Asheville Community Theater received $1,500.00!  Each charity thanks you for making this contest such a tremendous success.  Click on the logos below to learn more about each organization, how they contribute to this place we all call home, and how you can help too.





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